If you are used to using a spreadsheet to manage your reservations, and bikes within them, then you'll like the Planner View.  With the planner view you can graphically view your bikes and the activity for any given date range:

There are actually 3 was you can use the Show Planner:

  1. List of Reservations, in graphical format - broken down by all contained bikes across all relevant dates
  2. Activity for any chosen Date range - and any chosen bikes.
  3. Particular Reservation - to see the selected Reservation in the planner view.

Please Note - a word of caution.  Underneath the covers BRM creates a calendar for each individual bike.  We monitor the activity for EACH DATE for EACH BIKE so if you ask it to draw the planner for lots of bikes and lots of dates it wil take a long time!  So better keep your queries as specific as possible.

1. List of Reservations

  • in the findReservations page, select which reservations you are interested in.  For example you might select the 24hr button to show all reservations going out or coming back within 24 hours.  You will now have a list of Reservations.
  • Then select the Show in Planning Window menu item from the menu above the list of reservations.
  • It will bring back a graphic of all the bikes involved in the selected reservations, across all the relevant dates.  Activity will be marked with a graphic, and if you hover your mouse over the activity you'll see more details.  You can click on any activity icon to go to the respective reservation.
  • An example is shown here:

2. Activity for any chosen date range

Suppose you want to just do some planning, and you want to see how 'full' your inventory is.  

  • You're going to go to the createReservation page, although you won't actually make your reservation, you're just interested in showing availability.
  • Just select which category of bikes you're interested, for example 'Mountain Bikes'. 
  • Then select the date range you're interested in and press the checkAvailability button.

3. Particular Reservation

If you just want to see any particular reservation in the context of the Planner you can simply press the showPlanner Button from within a reservation itself:

This can be useful if you just want to verify that all the bikes are correctly booked out in their respective calendars (e.g. when trouble-shooting)