It is all very well getting BRM to send communications to your customers, but what about keeping track of what was sent, did it get delivered (or bounced) and did it get opened?

You can do all of that in the Comms tab for your reservations:

here is a closer look at an actual communication:

Here is what we can see:

Status: Sent  (other possible statuses: bounced / rejected)

Type: "Confirmed booking"  (other types:  provisional, ad-hoc, post rental)

recipient:  who received the email

date & time: when sent

Opens: e.g. 3 in the tooltip when you hover over the row.   See warning below:

Check status button : talk to our email sending platform to get the latest status (opens, status etc)

Please note.  The opens data is provided by our transactional email provider and will not always work.

if you customer doesn't allow open detection, for example, it will falsely read zero opens.

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