Many of our rental clients also do repairs so they ask if you can use BRM to take and schedule maintenance bookings.

Yes - you can and we're working to make it even better.

You can configure when you want to take booking, and for what duration.

Here is a link to try it out live 

Your bookings will come in like reservations for rentals, but you can change the reservation type so they look different:

Here is how you set this up.

Make sure you have the Tours / Activities / Events module enabled.

1. setup your 'inventory' - the service items you are going to offer.

First of all, create a Category for your service items

Create a Different Product Family for each time of service you offer

Modify the Item Type to be TAE (tour / activity / event)

Here is how you modify the Item Type, in your Product Family:

2. Now create an event for your Service Items so that they can appear as a separate 'portal'

(meaning you can put it somewhere else on your site, so it is not mixed in with your rentals)

and here is the detail for that Service Event:

Things to note:

  1. It is a recurring event - set to the times when you want to allow service bookings
  2. you can respect / ignore your regular store opening times
  3. you can set a custom image
  4. you can make it set a custom reservation type - here 'maintenance' to further distinguish it from rentals.