High volume operations will want to take advantage of BRM's EVO mode.

EVO mode is all about chopping up the process of rental into 3 super-quick stages.

Here we tackle the stage where we allocate specific bikes to customers who have already booked and paid (perhaps in-store)

Here is an image of an 'allocate station'.

it consists of a barcode scanner and iPad in stand..

EVO allocate is very quick to do, using BRM's EVO allocation.

  1. scan the rental ticket created during 'book & pay' stage:
  2. scan the bike(s) being allocated to the renter:

  1. (optionally) scan the OK barcode - which can be worn as a wristband on the renter's am (ie you staff member) - but if you don't want wristbands they are entirely optional you can just walk over to the tablet and press OK

You are done! off they go!

When they return you can either scan a bike or a reservation ticket to retrieve the correct rental ticket and simply check it back in.

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