What's new, and when was it released?

we will now publish significant features / updates here. Along with our technical reference - for those that might have been following the issue.

AKA your release notes.

FYI, there are also many little quality / bug fixes that we don't mention here.

If you have 'subscribed' to a particular bug you will be notified when it has been fixed.

4th of July 2018

2nd May 2018

8th March 2018 (rel 770)

  •  admin users can now change store using the same account
  •  refund via Stripe directly from within BRM

15th November 2017 (rel 730)

  •  beginning simplification of the makeReservation page
  •  started to add WYSIWYG inventory editing tools (add category / change category)
  •  introducing smart information / alert message lozenges.

9th November 2017 (rel 7.25)

7th November (rel724)

  •  Lightspeed Integration - buttons always show for LS stores

31st October 2017 (rel 722)

  •  HiVo mode released for online booking
  •  Online booking dates improvement.  End date changes in sync with start date.
  •  Show payment processor info in transactions list if Stripe
  •  ShowPlanner from within Reservation List Panel fixed

5th September 2017 (rel 709)

  •  print mechanic list
  •  'prep' details for each bike
  •  ability to delete reservation types

9th August 2017 (rel 704)

  •  item safety check
  • you can now set bikes to broken from maintenance area

4th August 2017 (rel 701)

  • Getting Started page introduced to help on-boarding

3rd August 2017 (rel 700)

  • Can now remove events / activities

19th July 2017 (rel 698)

  • included ProductLine column - provides much better feedback about full PLs

7th July 2017 (rel 693)

  •  you can now delete discount codes from your admin area

4th July 2017 (rel 691)

20th June 2017 (rel 688)

13th June 2017 (rel 686)

1st June 2017 (rel 680)

22nd May 2017 (rel 676)

8th May 2017 (rel 671)

1st May 2017 (rel 669)

  •  BRM now waits until you press a 'return' button before returning to Lightspeed.  This allows you to 'customise' your rental before you return - like adding extras, delivery etc.

21st April 2017 (rel 664)

  • 48hr mode has option of including today

19th April (rel 663)

  • per minute pricing!
  • pay on return preparation

14th April (rel 662)

  • Financial Reports v1

29th March 2017 (rel657)

  •  massively improved Lightspeed Integration!  Sharing customers just got a whole lot better.
  •  bug-fix to allocate algorithm.  Fix to RDP staying grey problem.

28th March 2017 (rel656)

  •  added shopID and Tax type to Lightspeed configuration.  Added LS to client registration type.
  •  generic image upload fixed
  •  Added invoice no to TX report

24th March 2017 (rel655)

  •  what next button in maintenance section.
  •  maintenance section - find 'live reservations'
  • fixed rounding error in Reservation Detail Panel

24th March 2017 (rel654)

  •  pricing rework for US.
  •  new GBAL icon
  • tax added to delivery (optional)

21st March 2017 (rel653)

  • Automatically add amount to pay to the stripe view
  • German added to OBW3

17th March 2017 (rel652)

14th March 2017 (rel650)

  • Pre-ride email sending.  For certain shops, gradual rollout
  • can't swap feedback in Swap Window

12th March 2017(rel649)

  • OBW languages - Finnish and Swedish

9th March 2017 (rel648)

  • Print option - default to notes & signature on.
  • Added Spanish translation to OBW3
  • FB 1585 - re-price now detects price group errors

8th March 2017 (rel647)

7th March 2017 (rel646)

  • FB1330 - Discount Codes now have configurable excluded periods (blackout dates)

6th March 2017 (rel645)