notes and suggest sizes for your bikes

Adding Notes / Info

to add notes / information do the same thing, but click on the 'plus' buttons in the Notes column. Don't forget to have your text in your clipboard so you can just paste into each note window, then modify if necessary.

Please Note - we're aware that this is a bit time consuming as you have to repeat the same image for multiple sizes and we're working on it:

  1. to make it more easy to share images across sizes
  2. potentially to pull in bike data, including images, tech-spec, from a central source.

Adding Suggested Sizings

suggested sizings are very useful for two reasons:

  1. it gets them in the right order on your wizard:  (S, M and L are not numbers, so BRM doesn't know which order they should be in - same applies to 57cm, 52cm etc) So you need to give BRM some help to get them displayed in the right order in the wizard.
  2. It is, of course, only a guide and doesn't take into account leg length etc, but it gives your clients some assistance in the tricky job of choosing the right sized bike.  Don't forget its just a guide, and heights might well overlap.  E.g. Small = 1.57->1.68, Medium = 1.65-> 1.75  (for example).  BRM automatically converts to Metres and Cms and client can switch between the two.

To set the suggested sizes you first need to make sure your BRM is set wide enough to be able to see the columns.  The columns are called from and to and are found just to the right of the prices column in the Fleet->Manage Fleet-> Hierarchy Management:

Removing suggested sizings

If you wanted to remove the suggested sizings then simply open up the suggested sizing for the item, then delete the entry and then press OK.

remove and press OK to remove the suggestion.

Show other kinds of suitability information

Maybe heights are not relevant to the product in question. Maybe you'd like to suggest skill levels, weights, child ages etc. Well this is possible as well. Your online booking can be configured to have any text you like or mixing and matching like the example below.

In BRM, you set the "Suitability" text for the product size in question. In this example, the 21" has regular sizes.

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