Managing Online Booking for Activities, Events & Tours

Many hire operations also support activities and one off events.  For example 'sportives'.  Setting up the Online Booking Wizard to support this is very easy.  Often the inventory used to deliver these tours and activities is shared between 'normal rental operations)

There are really 3 sides to it...

Online Booking

What your customer sees when booking for an event / activity / tour:

Offering Control

Setting it up on the back -office

this page lists your activities (here there is only 1 example created so far)


delivering on the commitments you've made (bookings you taken)

When a customer books for an event, its just like any other rental ticket made on BRM, and is therefore managed in the same way, in your BRM back office.

Sure you might view extra fields like group name (the event that was booked)

but it still has:

  • reservation type
  • dates
  • items
  • client

So how do you go about setting up your offering control?

first of all you must get activities / tours enabled in your system - please ask support if it isn't already.

Then you create an event profile - for a specific date time.

Finally you will want to publish your event(s) on your website

you will need to host your own page to advertise these events. 

It will link through to your BRM using your link.

Cool features

there are two clever bits you might not know. can constrain your activities to use only a certain categories of resources.  Simply add your category name(s) to your URL:

2. you can even use categories that are set to normally internal.  This means you can have products dedicated to your tours, which won't affect your regular online booking wizard.

For adding multiple categories in an Event;  

Creating Category Specific Versions of Online Bookings

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