Full service history recording

Each rental item has a built-in service history.

Each time an item is serviced or repaired the mechanic should update the bike with a record of what work has been carried out. This can either be done manually or automatically, using the barcode scanner.

Manual Service History recording

In the mechanic section, choose the 'MAINTENANCE' page.

Step 1
First select your bike(s) either using the category selection  or searching by ID.

Step 2

Once you have a specific bike selected, you will see the detail panel for that item:


Step 3a - (instant) service update
Imagine you want to just record a service, without taking it out of operation.
Press the 'SERVICE UPDATE' button to record a service for that bike.  You will then be prompted to enter the nature of your service.  For example you might want to record "replaced chain" or "post-ride checkup".  You can now just press the 'OK' button, which will record this service.

Step 3b - mechanic reservation

Please see here.

Automatic service recording

A short video demo can be found here

First of all you will need to pre-record the types of services that you regularly perform on your bikes.  You do that in the 'configure MAINTENANCE' page, in the 'Mechanic' section.

For each type of service, you will make an entry and give it a quick access barcode name.  You then record the details of the service, for example what it entails. You can also record how long it should take and any (average) costs associated with the service.

To record an automatic service with the barcode scanner you will do the following:

Step 1
Zap the bike you're working on.  (i.e. scan in the barcode of the bike using your scanner)

Step 2
Zap the service you've just performed. (you will have these printed out onto a sheet of A4 or Letter size paper in the workshop and laminate it for durability)