If you have a busy shop (or even if you don't) you need to find the most efficient way for processing your inbound customers in the most efficient way.  This will ensure your customers are as happy as they can be, and so are your staff.

Here is one model we know works really well for handling walk-in (un-reserved) business.

  1. The customer is greeted by a member of staff (assistant).   There might be a line / queue of customers, but we're talking about the next customer to be served.
  2. The assistant will take them over to the bikes and ask them what they are looking to rent.
  3. Bikes are selected and tested for fit etc.
  4. When the assistant and customer(s) are happy with the bikes, the assistant writes down the ID numbers (just on a very simple waiter's notepad)

  5. Then the customer is sent over to the till to 'do the paperwork'
  6. this will involve entering the bike ID's into BRM and so creating the reservation (using "express mode" you can enter the new reservation in under 15 seconds)
  7. the customer signs the receipt, pays etc.