ad hoc payment recording

Although payments are related to stage changes of your reservations*, sometimes you want to record transactions without changing the stage of your reservation.  This is called an 'ad hoc' transaction.
e.g. for the following:
  • a late return
  • a rental extension
  • a breakage
* BRM will automatically prompt for payment on a stage transition, if appropriate. (e.g. from confirmed->checkedOut it will prompt for payment of any outstanding balance)

If you think about it, when you make a price adjustment, you are really going to need to do 3 things:
Ad hoc payment recording is easy. Simply press on the 'Add Transaction' button in the Reservation Detail Panel

In the dialog that pops up, you will see that it defaults to the amount outstanding and then choose your payment method & click OK.

If you want to use this to record a refund, simply enter in a negative amount and of course don't forget to enter the reason and "refund" into the notes field.

we would recommend you also add Notes to your reservation at this stage, to describe what the payment was for.
Finally you may want to modify the price of your reservation to reflect the new money you've taken.

see also: overpayments