Bike Rental Manager and Lightspeed are able to integrate with each other to give a seamless rental and retail user experience.

You run BRM and Lightspeed side by side in your browser.

The overall configuration process involves these 4 steps:

1) LIGHTSPEED INVENTORY: Setting up Lightspeed with 1 'rental item' in inventory.  This creates the inventory-bridge between BRM and Lightspeed

2) BUTTON in LIGHTSPEED adding a custom button to Lightspeed on the Register:Sale tab. 

Clicking on this button during a sale launches BRM where the rental details and price information is captured. On returning to Lightspeed, the current sale now has a new sale item representing the rental.

(Similarly you can start in BRM and start a Lightspeed transaction which will send you back into LS to complete the transaction.)

3) BRM CONNECT Connect your BRM to your Lightspeed account

4) BRM USERS CONNECT Connect each BRM user who wants to use this integration.  (the first one is done automatically - whoever you are logged in to BRM as when you do step 3 is automatically connected)

1) Lightspeed Configuration (INVENTORY)

Firstly, the inventory needs to be setup for Bike Rental. The name can be anything as it is the EAN that BRM uses to create the Sale Item. Also ensure that the type is “Non Inventory”. You can see here that we have set the EAN to be eleven 1s, (11111111111) but it can be any number you like. Just make a note of it, as you will need to tell BRM the hire EAN later on in the setup process.

Sales Tax or Tax Exclusive Pricing

Even if your sales tax on rental is zero, BRM needs the 'Taxable' checkbox to be selected and to reference a 'Tax Class' like the 'BikeRental' one configured about.In the tax configuration screen below, you select the actual tax rate which can be zero, although in this example is 8%.

2) Configure BRM Button (BUTTON in LIGHTSPEED)

Next configure the button. In Lightspeed, Go to Settings -> Custom Menus

 and select Register:Sale Tab. 

Then you're going to add Button to Menu, first of all:

  1. choose Title : "BRM"  (you can choose name actually)
  2. choose Type: "open web page"
  3. then press the button "+ Add Button to Menu"

THEN you need to select your button and edit it, so you can put in the BRM URL to link to:

when selected you paste in the URL:

Here are your URL's for easy copying and pasting:

US-hosted stores:
EU-hosted stores :

Finally, we need to connect to Lightspeed.  You request this from within BRM...

3) BRM Configuration - connect BRM and lightspeed (BRM CONNECT)

In BRM Go to System -> settings -> Lightspeed

First, make sure you've filled in your Hire  EAN number to match what you put in Lightspeed, e.g. 11111111111

  1. Press the Connect Lightspeed button
  2. It will automatically fill in your Account Id & Shop URL from Lightspeed after you connect.
  3. press SAVE

4) Then make sure each BRM user also connects.  (to be granted access to Lightspeed via BRM) (BRM USERS CONNECT)

Things to look out for!

BUT !!! 

your browser might well block the popup to LIGHTSPEED!!!

something like this (depending on the browser you use)

so you must allow it.

you will then be asked to login to Lightspeed, and agree to the connection.

BRM will automatically fill in your Shop URL and AccountId the first time you connect..

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Each BRM user also needs to CONNECT to use the integration

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