Barcoding - setup

If and when you want to start using barcodes, here is what you need to do.

(remember this is optional - everything you can do in BRM using barcodes you can also do with keyboard data entry.  Nor are barcodes a silver bullet to make things run smoothly, they are simply a means of getting data into BRM quickly and without error - when used on conjunction with barcode-mode)

Don't forget that when we talk about we may include the following scope:

  • barcoding of your bikes (for recording maintenance, and checking in & out bikes)
  • barcoding of your reservations (for EVO mode)
  • barcoding of your vehicles and certain quick-codes for delivery management.
  1. First of all, tell the BRM team that you want to be able to use barcode-mode (at the shop level): 

In order to do this you simply need to tell the BRM team that you want barcode mode enabled.  Then you will see this icon at the top of your BRM:

  1. then ensure that each of your bikes has a barcode associated with it. In your fleet config spreadsheet, ensure that you have a column named barcode.  Add it if necessary after the ID2 column: Please Note - the codes you use for barcodes don't need to be the same as for ID2, but we recommend for clarity that they are the same if possible.
    The barcodes must be unique for each of your assets.

    (be sure to validate and import this data)
  2. To use barcode-mode for certain parts of BRM activate that mode with a click on the barcode Icon, in the header.