One of the powerful features of BRM is that it not only lets you make bookings against your fleet, but it lets you define exactly how each bike within a booking needs to be set-up to satisfy the client(s) demand(s).

For example a client advance-books 2 road bikes for July.  Sure, an important part of BRM's service is the ability to block out those 2 bikes for the given dates, to make sure you can fulfill the order without fear of double-booking etc.  However just noting down the bikes and the dates won't be enough information to deliver quality service.  You will undoubtedly have extra information from your clients that you need to record.  You could just keep that in a series of emails, but that won't help you on a busy day when you need to get the right bikes, set up correctly, to the right client.

What BRM lets you do, is record this EXTRA information, right where its needed against the ACTUAL bike within the ACTUAL reservation.  For example the rider name, size, pedal selection etc.

In fact there are really two types of extra information you may want to record for your advance bookings:

  1. textual information.  Free-form text that helps you deliver a quality service. For example in our example above, John is 5'10" and booked a 57cm Trek road bike.  His wife Sarah is 5'5" and booked a 54cm Merckx.  So there is room to write the rider NAME and SIZE against each bike within each reservation.  In fact there are several fields that you can choose from:  Name, Size, Pedal choice, Helmet, Panier, Telephone Number.  Because they are free-form text you are free to describe them in whatever format makes sense for your business.  Eg.  5'10"  or 1.78m or 'A: 79 cm, B: 83cm and C: 64 cm' (A, B, C measurements of your road bikes). You can also customise which of these fields is displayed / hidden for each type of reservation.
  2. checkboxes. Sometimes you don't want to write text, you just want to know if the client wants the option or not.  There may or may not be a cost associated with that option.  For example, in our option above, John is going to take a GPS with his bike.  So in our settings we have configured GPS as an optional extra.  So every bike in every booking comes with the 'GPS' checkbox.  In John's case we tick the box.  If there is a cost associated with the item, you have two choices as to how you price that up:
  3. Simple pricing.  Here you might specify that, for example a helmet costs 1 Euro extra per bike, per reservation.  Regardless of duration of booking.
  4. Complex pricing. With a premium item, like a GPS as in our example above, its likely that we'd want to charge it out on a 'per-day' basis.  In order to do that BRM supports the ability to offer complex pricing of extras. In other words, you define a profile for the given item, which dictates how much it will cost across any duration.  (it may or may not be linear)

Adding checkbox extras

To set up checkbox extras, go to your the system tab->settings->Extras and click on the link to edit

This will take you to the Extras table where you can add, edit and delete extras.

But what about tracking the inventory (availability etc) of my extras?

The above-mentioned mechanisms for tracking who needs which extras does not track your availability.

If you really need BRM to track your availability you have no choice but to list each 'extra' as a rental item.  (e.g. a GPS device would have its own row in the spreadsheet, like a bike).  But we don't recommend you do this for helmets, repair kits.  The management overhead would quickly outweigh any benefits you get.

Please note that items listed in the spreadsheet count towards your rental-item count in your BRM subscription.

Naming and describing extras

Make sure to choose a short descriptive name for each extra and add an optional Display Description that will show in the online tool when customers hover over the extra images.

Setting pricing

There are three options for pricing. These are as follows;

1. Free

2. Fixed Price, meaning price remains constant regardless of rental duration.

3. Price Group, which allows you to assign a tiered pricing structure.

Adding Images for your extras (online booking)

You can upload images for your extras using the buttons shown above. You can either upload an image stored on your computer or find an image on the internet and link directly to it's URL. You can also now perform basic editing on any images you upload.

Setting Extras to internal only 

If you use online booking you may have extras that you only want to sell in-store, not online. Like insurance perhaps.

You can set these items to internal only:

Setting the order of Extras in online booking

Extras will appear on your online booking in the same order listed in the Extras table.  If you wish to change this order, simply drag and drop the rows in the Extras table into the desired order.

see also: customising text fields