Customising your Invoices / Waivers

Customising your rental contracts (AKA disclaimers / invoices) is a very important part of your store setup.

You can customise nearly every part of your disclaimer, and here we show you exactly where you go in the system to make the changes.

Below this image we list where and how to customise this.

see here - note the links to relevant parts of KB

  1. Your shop / store name
  2. Your address - also add any other important references here like telephone number, tax code
  3. barcode - depends on whether you want to use barcodes or not
  4. system automatically prints out key rental data - saving you the trouble of handwriting
  5. you can add extra custom fields to appear on your invoice (or not)
  6. each Reservation Type can be customised to display its own selection of columns (or not)
  7. the system automatically prints a breakdown of inventory being rented and prices
  8. your disclaimer / waiver text is printed here.  * Note it is your responsibility to get this verified by a legal professional in your jurisdiction.
  9. signature line - if you want your customers to sign
  10. thermal or A4 (this example happens to be thermal)
  11. Sales tax rate

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