You need to wire up BRM and Stripe so they can talk to each-other.

There are two mode in Stripe you need to know about - TEST mode and LIVE mode. We recommend all users start with TEST mode to practice using BRM before going live. 

First of all, log into your Stripe account and find the API keys page under the Developers menu:

Configuring BRM with Stripe in TEST mode

To begin with wire up your TEST account to be BRM. On the API keys page in Stripe you will see a toggle in the top right to switch between TEST and LIVE data - ensure you are "Viewing test data" for this setup. Further down the page will be two numbers you'll need to copy and paste into BRM one at a time - the Publishable key and the Secret key. Take great care not to mix up these keys else the configuration will not work.

Now go to your BRM and navigate to System->settings->payment providers and click the link to edit:

This will bring you to the new Payment Processors page in the BRM2.0 interface. Under Payment processor, choose Stripe, paste in your publishable and secret keys and hit save.

Now your Stripe button will be enabled in BRM, allowing you to store cards and take payments from within BRM.

TEST cards

With Stripe in TEST mode, will only be able to add TEST cards. You can make up test cards according to the following rules:

  • TEST card number: 4242 4242 4242 4242 (always or 
  • Expiration date - anything valid (i.e. in the future)
  • 3 digits - any digits

You will be able to see this card in the Stripe reference when you look at that reservation (and a link when you look at that customer). You can also add dummy transactions too.

Configuring BRM with Stripe in LIVE mode 

Once you have practiced using BRM with Stripe in TEST mode, you are ready to switch to LIVE data. Making the switch is simple. Go back into Stripe and navigate back to the API keys page. Now change the toggle on the top right of the page from "Viewing test data" to "Viewing live data". You will see the Publishable and Secret keys on the page below change. These are now the keys for REAL data. Copy and paste these into BRM as outlined above, taking great care now to mix up the keys. 

Before processing REAL cards and making REAL transactions, first make sure you have enabled your Stripe account to accept live payments.

Something to watch out for

Please Note -  you can't mix up a BRM account with TEST and LIVE cards, meaning the following:

Imagine you create user Mr TEST when you have Stripe TEST mode.

You save a TEST card, 4242...

Then you GO LIVE.

If you try to use Mr TEST again but with a REAL LIVE card you will get an error - coz you can't mix TEST and LIVE accounts.

To avoid this scenario, simply create a new BRM user e.g. Mr REAL - and save a LIVE card against him.