Reservations - 'price altering' changes

Prices are calculated automatically as a function of two things:

  • the items in your rental (and their respective Price Group)
  • the duration

So what if you make a change to your reservation like:

  • swapping / adding / removing items
  • changing the duration

Q. what happens to the price?

A.  the system will recalculate the new price after the change.

BUT ....

Q. what happens if you've adjusted the price to be a Top-down price?  Surely I might not want the price to change automatically

A. It depends...

This has always been a controversial issue.

Until now, when you set a top-down price, BRM attempted to lock the reservation so you couldn't change either items or duration.

The trouble was, it wasn't very intuitive, and sometimes people would find a way around the lock and swap anyway....

From now on when you swap something you may see a decision box like this:

(but only if you have made your own price adjustment)

You then make the decision to keep the old price, or recalculate...