Printing receipts on Thermal Paper

Please Note - BRM can also print using cheap and cheerful A4 printers!

If you do a high volume of rentals you might want to consider printing onto Thermal Paper.

its cheaper and quicker than printing onto, for example, A4. (if you have the rental volume)

However there are of course some trade-offs.  Because the paper roll is narrower you can't put as much information on there.  To a certain extent you can solve this by modifying the font size, described below, but you probably also want to make sure that you don't include as many columns for each of your bikes.

In practice this might mean that you want to print onto A4 paper if you're managing complicated advanced bookings - whereby you want to record all sorts of information per bike, like pedals, customer height etc etc.

But if you're doing walk-in bookings then thermal printouts with just a few columns should be more than enough.

Whatever you do, there are up to 3 steps to setting up Thermal printing for each reservation type:

  1. set paper size to Thermal
  2. define the number of columns (to as few as possible for thermal)
  3. customise each sections font size.

1. Set the paper size to Thermal - for your chosen reservation types.

This will optimise your invoices for the narrower paper width.

The print size is set up per reservation type.

So, go to your System->settings->Reservation Types

  1. choose your reservation type
  2. select edit on the bottom right..

then make set the print size you want:

2. Define the number of columns

it doesn't matter how small your text is, if you have too many columns you simply won't be able to read them on a thermal receipt - so you have to be realistic.

BRM customises the number of columns (like pedals, helmet etc) per reservation type.
You can set that up here:

3. modify print size: (optional)

- this is for fine-grained tweaks, to make it fit as best as possible. (you may not need to do this)

BRM lets you specify different print sizes for each SECTION of your receipt:

here is an example:

you do this by adding some custom CSS into your settings (custom print css in system preferences)

for example: (use this template and customise it to your needs)

<style type="text/css">
table.banner {
table.address {
table.header {
table.details {
table.disclaimer {

You do that here:

System->Settings->Shop Setup->System Preferences: