Pricing your Assets

You will no doubt want to take advantage of one of BRM's most powerful features, to automatically price your reservations.  This is calculated as a function of HOW LONG and WHICH ASSETS are being rented.  You can always override or discount this, but it's nice to have the basic calculation done for you each time you create a QUOTE or RESERVATION.

In order to do that first you need to tell BRM the pricing profile for your assets.  We do that via Price Groups.  That way each time you have an asset that is priced differently you put it into its own Price Group.

you make the mapping item to Price Group via your spreadsheet:

How do you define the pricing for each Price Group?

This is found in Fleet->pricing 
For each PriceGroup you simply define what the profile over time looks like.  Because often shops make it cheaper (per day)  to rent the same bike for longer periods:

Then you might want to support half day rates, or not.  You might even want to support multiple half day rates, like upto 2hrs, and upto 5 hours.  

  • for each 'less than full day' rate you want to support you simply enter into your System->Settings->Application Configuration.  The example below shows a rate for 1-4 hours, 1 to 14 days as well as 21 days. To enter more just add them separated by commas.  They will then appear as options in your pricing table for each price group.


Extra Day pricing

This is a very powerful feature. You can use it in two ways: 1. Use it to make sure if customers book a long term rental i.e. longer than you have set prices for, the system automatically calculates a correct price in the reservation. 2. If you charge same price each day, you only need to put in price for first day and "extra day". For example if you charge 100 a day:

Changing your pricing

Please note that items belong to price groups independently of category.

This is a powerful feature meaning you can have items of different prices within the same category.

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