does the system hold back a percentage of inventory when taking bookings online?

The short answer YES - it can.

Imagine a very busy rental operation. You are taking online bookings and walk-ins.  The system is doing a great job of seamlessly merging your online and in-store rental streams without overlap.

But there is no margin for error.  Like late returns, breakages, accidents etc.

To cope with this the system can let you:

  • specify a percentage to 'hold back' in reserve when talking online bookings.
  • let you set this threshold at the category and / or product line level
  • alert you when you get close to your limits.
  • still take bookings in the back office as you like.

To set this up visit your Fleet Management area:fleet -> manage -> hierarchy management

for each PL you can specify from 0 - 100%(default is zero)