Post rental feedback

BRM handles bike damage (perhaps not as severe in the picture above!) by recognising it as something that might happen to your bikes during the course of rentals.

When a bike comes back from a rental there are really only 3 outcomes:
  1. all good - no problems at all
  2. pretty good - but there was a niggle "you should tighten up the seat it wobbles" kind of thing
  3. broken - the chain snapped, wheel buckled etc etc.
Before a reservation starts you're interested in pre-ride stuff like, pedal selection, rider name, rider size etc.  So those are the columns that BRM shows you right up until bike checkout:

However, once the bike is in the 'checked-out' stage you're more interested in post-ride stuff, like were there any problems.  So BRM automatically changes the columns that are shown to let you provide any post-ride feedback:  (and potentially mark as broken) broken bikes now appear consistently throughout BRM in red with a strikethrough line.

So what happens to bikes once you have recorded any problems?  

Two things happen:
  1. they appear in the mechanic's workflow section - so they can be dealt with
  2. if they are broken, they are taken out of service.  This means no new bookings can be taken on that bike, while its broken.  You will still see them when you seach for bikes, but you won't be able to make bookings against broken bikes.  Furthermore, if a bike is broken it will check for any reservations containing that bike, and warn you.  Finally, overnight you will be mailed when BRM does its overnight tech-check.  This will email you if it finds any future reservations containing broken bikes.
Here is what the mechanic's workflow section looks like: (here I've clicked on the battery icon - bikes with low batteries )

And how do you put bikes back into service?

When a mechanic performs a service on a bike, it is automatically put back into service (unticks the broken flag) , and any problems are archived.  The mechanic does this by selecting the bike, and pressing the 'service update button':  They are then shown a dialog, into which they write any service notes.  Once they click okay the bike is marked as ready, any notes archived, and the 'service points' are put back to 100 - this is depicted with a battery and is simply a visual aid to show bike 'readiness'

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