Putting the wizard onto your website is super-easy. It doesn't matter whether you have built your website using Wix, Squarespace or Wordpress, the instructions are the same. You don't need any special Wordpress plugins.

In fact all you need to do is paste in this line of HTML to your dedicated booking page:  (insert your shop name below where it says yourShopName).  Note the code depends on which data centre you're hosted on, USA or EUROPE.

Take Note: if you're using a content management system please make sure you paste in 'text mode' not visual.  Otherwise it will appear as text on your site.  


You should only do this once you have run through your checklist of preparation for going live....

For US hosted sites:

<script src=“https://cdnjs.cloudflare.com/ajax/libs/iframe-resizer/4.1.1/iframeResizer.min.js“></script>
<iframe id=“brm-online-booking” src=“https://us.bikerentalmanager.com/book.html?shop=yourShopName&iframe_resizer=4.1.1" style=“width: 1px;min-width: 100%;” frameborder=“no” scrolling=“no”></iframe>
<script type=“text/javascript”>
               heightCalculationMethod: “taggedElement”,
               checkOrigin: false
}, ‘#brm-online-booking’);

For the rest of the world:

<script src="https://cdnjs.cloudflare.com/ajax/libs/iframe-resizer/4.1.1/iframeResizer.min.js"></script>
<iframe id="brm-online-booking" src="https://app.bikerentalmanager.com/book.html?shop=yourShopName&iframe_resizer=4.1.1" style="width: 1px;min-width: 100%;" frameborder="no" scrolling="no"></iframe>
<script type="text/javascript">
                heightCalculationMethod: "taggedElement",
                checkOrigin: false
}, '#brm-online-booking');

Adding images and further information

Once you've done that you're going to want to make sure it looks nice on your website and your customers can find what they are looking quickly and easily.

This involves 4 main things:

  1. adding silhouette images for each of your categories (on page 1 of the wizard)
  2. adding an image for each of your type of bikes
  3. adding a description for each of your type of bikes
  4. adding sizing information each of your type of bikes e.g. 5'10"->6'2"  (or the same in metric)

this article will help you set up this information in BRM