Online Customisation

There are a number of configuration settings that can be used to tailor the online booking to your website.

These can be accessed by going to System -> Settings -> Online

Company Logo URL

Add a URL to your company logo (hosted on your site) so it can be included in your email communications with your customers.

Note that this url must be securely hosted using SSL i.e. it must start https:// If not, then the customers browser will have warnings saying that the site is not secure.

Email Customer Provisional Booking preferences

please find instructions here.

Provisional Reservation Timeout

if you don't want to know about online bookings that are not paid for they can be auto-cancelled here.

please find instructions here.

Banner Image Url

The banner at the top can be replaced with one of your choice. It must be 1200*300, be in PNG or JPG format and be hosted on your website.

Make sure that the image is as small as possible so as to provide a good experience for mobile customers. Ideally, the image will be no bigger than 150Kb in size.

Hide Banner Image

Depending on your website design, you may wish not to use a banner image at all. Check this box to hide the banner image.

Google Analytics Tracking Code

If you are already a user of Google analytics, then you can link the online booking to a new or existing property in your account.

Simply add, the tracking code and start receiving data.

Google Analytics Cross-Domain Tracking

Enter the secondary domain that you wish to track with the online booking. Typically this domain is your website domain. This google support article goes into a lot more detail about setting up cross domain tracking in analytics.

Minimum Rental Period (mins)

If you want to restrict the minimum amount of time that a customer can rent an item from you, then set this value. 

Maximum Rental Period (mins)

If you want to restrict the maximum amount of time that a customer can rent an item from you, then set this value. Most organisations don't tend to set this but if you are predominantly a day hire business, you may wish to preclude over night rentals, for example, and this is a way to achieve this.

Rental Deposit Percentage (%)

The percentage of the total rental the customer is required to pay at online checkout time.

The value can be anything from 0-100 depending on your business model. If you are using Stripe as a credit card vault, then set this value to 0. If you require full payment for a booking then set the value to 100. If the number is not set to 100, the customer can pay the remainder in store when they collect the rental items.

Default Value : 100%

Primary Color (optional)

The main color of the online booking can be set here. The default value is a blue with a hex value of #3d5afe. You can choose any valid html color definition.

Default Value : #3d5afe  

Button Color (optional)

The color of the action buttons in online booking. The default value is a blue with a hex value of #3d5afe. You can choose any valid html color definition. 

Default Value : #3d5afe

Font Family (optional)

Change the font used in online booking so it is consistent with your branding.

This is set alongside Font Url property. It allows you to link to an external Google font.

Default Value : 'Oswald', sans-serif

Font Url (optional)

A link to a Google font of your choice. Font Family must also be set for this to work.

Default Value :,400i,700,700i|Oswald:300,400,700

Redirect Url (optional)

The url of a web page that the booking process sends the customer to once the booking has been completed.

You can also host your 'thank you' page on your own website somewhere. This could be a simple page alongside the rest of your web content, but not included in your site navigation links anywhere - the only way to link through to it would be through making a booking.

Typically, this is a page that thanks the customer and maybe has additional information, suggestions or reminders e.g. "Don't forget to bring your driver's license/identification when you come to collect the bike."

If you are using Google Analytics you will also get the automatic benefit of any tracking code included on your 'thank you' page.

Custom CSS Url (optional)

This feature is for advanced users or web designers to use. Set an https:// URL to a Custom Style Sheet file where you can override built in Online Booking styles.

Bike sizing (imperial or metric)

display bike suitability like:

  •  5'7 -> 5'10" (imperial)
  •  OR 1.74m -> 1.80m (metric)

Wizard Text

you can also customise all the text that appears on the wizard - for each language:

To do that, navigate to System -> Settings -> Languages

Select which System you wish te edit and then select the text by clicking it to activate a text box. Make your edits and click the Enter/Return key on your keyboard to save the changes.

Adding your own category images or silhouettes

You can add an image of your choice in the online tool categories.

Add the images in:

Fleet/Manage/Hierarchy Management. 

Image ratio need to be 3:2 / 1.5 max 200 wide, size max 25KB, with either white or transparent background.