Adding pictures for your bikes

Once you've uploaded your fleet (inventory), you should make your products look good in the wizard.  To do that you're going to want to add photos, descriptions and suggested sizings.

To do this, go into Fleet -> Manage -> Hierarchy Management

Adding the Category image (type of bike)

the 'type of bike' section of the wizard

First part of product selection is to choose the categories of bike (or type of bike).  Categories can be quite broad often containing many product lines, so often people prefer generic 'silhouette' images like these:

you set these images up on the back-end on the Fleet-> Manage -> AssetHierarchy page:

You can actually add real images if appropriate, or cartoon / silhoette images as above.   (an actual bike image)

Once your users have selected a type of bike (category) they will be shown the product lines belonging to that category.

for example this Ridgeback Electron Plus in the 'Electric' Category:

Adding Actual Bike Images (i.e. your product lines, not your categories)

for when users navigate to the actual bikes, in this stage of the online booking process..

Again this is done on the Fleet -> ManageFleet -> AssetHierarchy page:

1. First you need to press the 'generic' button, because we're dealing not with our specific bikes, but how they look on the wizard, which displays generic bikes.

It will look something like this:

2. Now you need to to add an image for each of your generic assets, eg.g. in the example above 'Colnago ace-U-52cm', 'Colnago ace-U-48cm', etc

Press the 'plus' button under image, for each of these rows, upload your image and press okay

(N.B. you can update all the generics in a range with the same image, e.g. for multiple sizes to share the same image)

NB Sizes for these images can be found here in this article

Adding 'Extras' images

The online booking wizard comes with pre-loaded images for most of your extras.

For each extra you decide which image is most relevant:

 this will then appear on the online booking wizard for your customers to see:

Adding your own image/picture for extras

You can add your own picture for your extras. They need to be 100x100 in size with transparent background and in .png format. Remember to press SAVE.


Adding Display Name for extras to show in online tool

You want to keep the extra names as short as possible in BRM and can choose to show more details for customers in your online tool. Remember to click SAVE.


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