Complex pricing of extras (using Price Groups)

This article explains how you can set 'complex' pricing for your extras.

Don't forget there are 2 types of extra:
  1. textual - e.g. 'this guy wants shimano SPD's' - free form text to help you deliver a good service.  (BRM doesn't price up this kind of extra)
  2. checkbox - e.g. "GPS-yes"  For when your clients want a specific extra that you offer.
This article is concerned with case 2, checkbox pricing, and specifically when you want to specify a varying price (profile) for that extra over time.

System -> Settings 2.0 -> Extras

You can offer Extras for Free

OR if you want your extra to have a fixed price use the Fixed Price option. E.g. always 5 irrespective of duration.

OR if you want the price to vary according to duration then please assign a Price Group.

If you need a new price group - i.e. just for the extra -perhaps not even in your spreadsheet - you can add it here:

Fleet -> pricing 

then type your extra name and then button 'Add Price Group'