Selling the same product at *two different* price points

We often get people who sell the same product - for two different prices.  For example if you have junior pricing it is cheaper for kids - even though they may actually be tall enough to ride an adult bike.  This can present a problem.

But there is a solution in BRM!

set up an extra:  Junior Discount, and give it a nice icon (100x100):

Give it a price of '-4' 

this being the price differential between the adult price and the junior price.

Then when they select that extra it will apply the per bike discount of -4

Ah but!  I hear you say.  Our junior discount doesn't apply to all our bikes.  Like our carbon fibre stuff!

No problem, simply use the extras matrix to only apply the discount to those product lines that you want:

This means people can book online and in-store using the same mechanism.

In-store you simply check the checkbox when appropriate to apply the discount to that bike.

But what about if you have a different discount for different period?

like £4 off for 1/2 day and £10 for full day?

No problem - just make sure your extra is set up to use price group pricing, rather than fixed pricing:

here is your price group:

and here it is applied to the extra.

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