Taking credit card details for Online Bookings

When you setup your online booking you will want your customers to secure their online booking by leaving credit card information (i.e. guarantee that they are actually going to show up)

(N.B. you need to use Stripe as your payment platform for the new online booking wizard)

You have three options:

  1. take no downpayment - but hold credit card details.  (a.k.a. 'vault mode')
  2. take partial downpayment - set a % of the rental fee to be charged.  You can then take the balance when they show up.
  3. take full payment - set 100% to be taken at time of making a booking.

Things to consider when making this decision.

  • Make sure you update your Terms and Conditions so if the customer doesn't show up you can charge a no-show fee using the credit card that Stripe will be holding for you.
  • Consider where you want your payments to be processed.  Stripe is a card-not-present payment processor so fees are a little higher (2.9%) than card present processors.  (e.g. your in-store chip and PIN). So you may want to get them to simply leave the credit card details (option 1) and then pay in store
  • You may also be using a POS like lightspeed.  In which case you may want to FLOW all payments through that payment processor.  In which case again you will want option 1 - just leave credit card details and pay in-store.
  • Convenience - if you don't care so much about where your payments are processed you can't beat the convenience of option 3 - full payment in advance - nothing to pay in-store simply collect bikes.

Messages to Users

Here is what will be displayed in all 3 scenarios:
  1. no payment:
  2. partial payment:
  3. full payment:

Where to set your choice in the system:

  • take no downpayment - put a zero in field. 
  • take partial downpayment - set a % in field.  
  • take full payment - set 100% in field.

Customising these messages

if you don't like these defaults you can customise them here:
first of all click on 'Edit new online booking' link at the bottom of your BRM
then edit these S5 fields: