Single Page Booking

We have simplified the create Reservation process as a result of customer feedback so that:

  1. it is simpler!
  2. it is all on one 'page'

Now, you simply fill in the details left to right,

  1. What (category or individual bike)
  2. When
  3. Who  (either pick a customer or create on the fly - or even inbound from Lightspeed or self-registration)
    1. Please Note -  for the customer, you can search for existing or create new..  
  4. Then pick an Available item(s)

It also gives you a running total of your prices as you add bikes...

When done you press the new Book Now button.

* we will default your reservation type to the first one - but you can change, before you book, using the drop down list

* you can view the video of this in action here:

Please Note -  this means we have removed the two old concepts (and just rolled them into one easy solution)

  • POS


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