Knowing *which* bikes to prepare

Even just knowingwhich bikes to prepare next can be a complicated and time-consuming business.

BRM makes this a lot easier.

September 2017 - major upgrade to the Bike Prep. capabilities of BRM / RSM

The first thing to understand is that the system is rental-centric meaning that you are really selling rentals.  Not items.

That is why you'll spend most of your time in the reservations pages (create and search)

BUT when it comes to preparing bikes you do care about individual inventory items, so you need to go to the Mechanic -> maintenancepage.

Clicking on the 'What Next?" button shows a list of items that need preparing for upcoming rentals.

You can now print this list (actions->print)

But better still, your mechanic should work through the list within BRM on their computer...(see next image)

click on a row to show the actions you can perform on that item:

So go ahead and press on Prepare for rental - it knows which one is next:

- so it also brings back prep info - like name, size etc...

This is the really clever bit.  Of course it lights up the prepped Ticks for that item:

But the system also feeds back into the Reservation part of the system, so you know which reservations have had all items prepared (especially good for multi-item rentals)

So, go back to your search reservations page...

partially prepared:

and when you've prepared all items:


Please Note - when using the 'what next' button you may want to control how far ahead the system searches

This is your 'mechanic horizon' - the range in days that you care about future rentals.

the default is 7 days, but you can modify it here: ( options -> Horizon )


your mechanics work on individual inventory

your rental staff work on rental tickets

(even if they are the same person)

BRM / RSM pulls both parts together where it needs to.