self registration for groups

December 2018!

For many years self-registration has been a very popular feature.  Get customers to input their own data directly into your BRM, saving you time, speeding up workflow and potentially getting more data than you normally would.  (and moving away from paper!).  It now handles groups!!!

We often get asked how do you handle large groups coming in.

Say 5 or 10 or even 20 people wanting to rent skis or bikes.

Easy!  with the new self-registration for groups:

users can choose individual or group registration.

The first person registers as the 'party or group leader'.

They will be asked more information that party members, like full name and address.

When this person has registered it will setup a group automatically (which can optionally be renamed)

Party members will then be able to register by simply clicking on add group member

When you've got complete group, simply press on Register Group:

It will automatically send all group members into your BRM back office so you can make a reservation with those details:

When making the reservation it doesn't matter who you choose from the group...

When that group's reservation is checked out it will disappear from the 'client ticker' list

(it will still be able to be found, just won't be 'front and centre' any more.

Then the really clever bit is you can assign each rider to each bit of inventory within each reservation:

click on the item in your reservation detail panel.

then choose the participant (from the group) using the 'participant' drop-down.

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