Electronic Waivers - white paper


The waiver is a crucial part of rental, but it actually has many purposes:

  • collect customer data
  • collect ride specific information - for ski / bike setup
  • agreement to your Terms and release of liability
  • group structure / workflow.  Who is the leader, who is in the group, collect all the data in an orderly manner

requirements / features / use cases!

  1. beam a client record to a tablet for furnishing with more information (normally signatures).  E.g. Book online, add signature in-store.
    1. access control the devices for self-registration & beaming
  2. branding of self registration (store name, logo etc)
  3. customisation of fields etc, nice image icons perhaps, grouping of fields.  E.g. Address, Identity, Skier info, Personal details...
  4. store & archive a snapshot electronic including, signature(s), Mac & IP address, timestamp - and access via reservation event viewer
  5. group handling - including minors etc
    1. types of registration, group leader, group member (and adult / minor) and individual - represented via ICON in ticker...(and a lightspeed icon of course from those that channel)
    2. navigate around the self registration / group handling & mapping / signature screens
    3. keep track of who has paid!  (in group)
    4. mapping group members to inventory (drag and drop)re
  6. handle returning customers easily.  Can't just say 'that email already taken' we need a workflow. 
  7. email to customer in advance to pre-sign waiver.  (will they have touch-screen?  'docusign' behaviour??) Especially useful for folks who don't have contact with customers - e.g. delivery only to villas.
  8. KIOSK mode.  Use online booking in-store.  Full self-service.  Display a signature pad at end of booking process.

More details on the design / implementation of each will be provided here.

1. beaming client records  (book online & add signature in-store)

The ability to send a client record from the back office to a tablet (or other device)

so the devices need to first be registered with BRM

see here on registering devices.

Once the details are on the tablet the customer can add extra details like:

  • more data fields
  • signature

1.1 Access Control - clearly the system needs to have an access control mechanism so the right tablets can be granted access to this functionality.

to do that you 'register a kiosk mode tablet' on your system.  It is that tablet that will receive the client information when you 'beam it over' using the 'Electronic Signature' button.

2. branding

Clients need to brand the self-registration forms with company logo, branding, store name etc.

3. customisation

Customer needs to be able to define:

link here

  1. which fields are shown
  2. which fields are mandatory
  3. what field names are called
  4. ideally group certain fields into logical groups like 'address, personal details, skiing information'

4. store & archive snapshots of waivers

Customer needs to be able to access a history of saved disclaimers over time including

  1. what was signed
  2. terms / waiver
  3. signature
  4. meta data like MAC & IP addresses
  5. timestamp 

To do that you access the Reservation History (admin -> view history) and then click on the version of the document you require:

You will see your invoice, complete with the electronic signature that was saved at the time.

5. Group handling

Efficient handling of group registration if vital for efficient running of a rental operation.

Minors need to be handled differently.

5.1 recognise / support different types of registration.