Creating Printable Reports (of your data)

BRM lets you output your key data into printable format. The advantage of this output is that it can just as easily be cut and pasted into a spreadsheet as it can be printed.

The things that can be easily printed include:

  • 1. Reservations chosen by date range:
  • Just Reservations
  • Reservations broken down into its constituent items (inventory)
  • 2. Any Reservations in the Reservation List Panel
  • 3. Transactions
  • 4. Financial Report - combine reservation and transaction data
  • 5. Client database - see here.

This diagram show the key reports that you can create from the Reservations page:

Reservations - chosen by date range

These reports are generated from the Reports button which is found on the search RESERVATIONS page.

Please Note - you may need to show 'search mode->advanced' from the options

  • you will see here the selection of reports available when you press that button:

If you want to see your reservations broken down by asset, then make sure you press the line per asset detail checkbox otherwise leave it unchecked to just see a list of your reservations.  Once you've made that choice you then have some options as to the criteria for selecting your reservations:

  1. according to time period - simply select a date range within the Reservation Selection Criteria Panel and then select this menu item.
  2. by each month of current year - when you select this menu item it will take the current year from the Reservation Selection Criteria Panel and generate a report for each month
  3. by specified month of current year - it will simply take the year and MONTH and output all reservations for that time period.

The results will be brought back into a new window (or one window per month in option 2.).  you can either just print, or use the cursor to Select all the text in the window, and then just COPY and PASTE into your favorite spreadsheet.

2. Reservations - any reservations in your reservation list panel

choose any selection of reservation that you want, either by using the usual search mechanism (24hr / NEW etc)

or by using a Report ...with extras ...with delivery etc.

Once you have your list of reservations in your list panel, simply press the print button on top the panel.  It will print out your list, including any delivery notes.

Again you can either print to paper, or cut and paste to a spreadsheet.

To cut and paste to a spreadsheet you need to do the following. First of all select all the contents, using your mouse.

Then CTRL-C (to copy)

but then when you paste, first make sure you're in Google Spreadsheets (doesn't work in Excel for example)

- when you paste; right click and choose paste special - values only. Then it formats it all nicely.

3. Transactions - 

this is independent of reservation information - just a list of the transactions you have recorded for your given date range.

4. Financial Report

The financial report takes the raw data from your reservations and your transactions and combines them.  But it doesn't only combine the two sources of data, it also aggregates across the same type.

The report is split into two column, Due (from Reservation data) and Paid (from Transaction data)

The idea is that you use this report to create financial reconciliations of the business you have done.

It is designed to be used in conjunction with Financial Codes - that you assign to your Price Groups

5. Client Database 

To print your client database, simply go to the clients page within the clients menu section.

Now just press the report button to print generate a full printout of all your client records.

As above, you can either print or copy and paste into a spreadsheet.

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