adding new users

you can have as many user accounts at you like on BRM.  In fact we encourage you to have as many as you like so that you can see who has done what. (full audit trail in BRM)

Each user account on BRM must be backed by a valid google account.

April 2017

You can now add / edit / (remove coming soon) your own shop users.

First of all you need an 'admin' account on BRM to be able to do this.  (ask if you are your store administrator and you don't have one)

When you go to your administrator -> users page you will see this:

You can then use the buttons on the bottom to edit and add users.

*Please note that the BRM team will never ask you for a password.  We never need to know because Google takes care of authentication for us, and BRM is built on top of Google's infrastructure.

We simply link email addresses to your shop(s).

You tell us who has access and we wire it up.  They then login to BRM using that email address.  As part of logging in each user must supply the password for that email account.

did you know, once logged in BRM displays that user in the footer of BRM: