A very useful feature when dealing with advanced reservations is emailing a copy of the invoice to your customer.  This does a number of things:

  • shows your professionalism by being able to quickly confirm provisional / confirmed bookings, including ALL details, automatically.
  • irons out any problems / mis-understandings before its too late
  • gets the customers email address - which can be useful for marketing purposes.

Its very easy to do.  Just click on the 'email copy' button on the Reservation Detail Panel:

the menu items above the line lets you send the email:

  • email no signature line & waiver
  • email WITH signature line & waiver

the menu items below the lines, marked 'options' lets you configure WHO TO & HOW the email looks.

When you've set up your options once they will be remembered each time.

Once you've selected who you're emailing (using one of the top 2 menu options) you'll see a screen like this:

the highlighted areas are automatically set:

  • email : from the client record
  • subject: will automatically include the booking reference
  • content: will automatically include client first name, if you have it.  You can of course customise the Content that you send, you simply overtype the suggested text.

and that's it.  Try sending one to yourself.

The recipients will receive a short email along with a pdf copy of their reservation.