Glossary of Terms

  • GBAL - Generic Book Allocate Later. Powerful optional (premium) feature to take bookings without allocating specific bikes.

  • Category - we use categories to organise your fleet (inventory).  Categories are used in the back-office and online to find items you are looking for.  Your customers also see your categories when they are using your OBW (online booking wizard).
  • Top level of your hierarchy

  • Product Line - under categories are product lines.  They are a collection of interchangeable rental items.  This is mainly relevant in online booking.  Each product line then contains rental items.
  • Mid level of your hierarchy

  • Rental Item - a rental item is a unit of inventory (AKA asset).  It is something tangible (bike / paddle-board / snowboard) that you rent out.  A product line contains one or more rental items.
  • Bottom level of your hierarchy

  • Rental Ticket - (AKA reservation if its for the future). This is the core of the system.  You create andmanage rental tickets.

  • OBW (online booking wizard) - customer facing portal that you put on your website so that customers can make bookings against your live inventory.

  • Extra - there are really two types of things you want to track.  Your core inventory (rental items), e.g. a bike, boat, hospital bed.  Then there are extras - like a bike lock, a life-jacket  etc.  These items complement your core inventory but are not necessarily revenue generating.  Extras don't count towards your inventory size, but we don't track availability of your extras.  By contrast your rental items do count towards your inventory size and we do track availability.

POS mode
  • POS mode - RETIRED concept - for booking in Point of Sale mode - ie for 'right now' bookings.  When you know which bike(s) you want to book.
  • BROWSE mode - RETIRED concept - for booking by browsing through categories and finding available items.
Lead Time    
  • Lead Time - for online booking.  The amount of notice period required - before which bookings can't be made.  (to give you time to prep bikes etc)