Discount Codes (vouchers)

You can specify discount codes which can be applied to bookings.

Your clients can apply these codes at the time of making an online booking.

You can then use these codes in marketing promotions that you run.

First, go to settings->online and check the use discount codes box

You can administer your online booking codes in the settings->Discount Codes page

You can edit each code as follows:

(click the Edit button, having selected a row)

By setting the Valid Dates & Times, a customer can place the reservation at any time but the bike must be reserved between those dates and times that the Discount Code is valid for.

You can now specify exclusion dates for your codes (blackout dates)

July 2017

You can now delete discount codes    

October 2019

You can now set certain extras to be discount exempt

example use-case: selling ski passes online (alongside your skis)

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