We are sometimes asked if BRM can handle this type of scenario:

Customer is in town for 2 weeks and wants to rent the following:
  • 4 family bikes for full 2 weeks
  • 1 road bike for the second week
  • 1 day on a jet-ski during second week
Yes, BRM can handle it, and you do it by making 3 rental tickets, and tying them together with a 'group tag'
here is what that might look like in BRM, when you search :

Sometimes people ask if we can make the same rental ticket have different dates, but we don't currently support this.  Mainly because it would introduce a lot more complexity for not much gain, and here is why:

What is a reservation anyway?
  • rental item(s)
  • date range
  • customer
So, using our mechanism above you get:
  • simplicity of making reservations - choose product, choose dates, make reservation (imagine how complicated the booking process would be otherwise!)
  • tying them together for reference
  • sharing the client record - so each reservation SHARES the same client record, meaning no re-typing is required.
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