Sometimes, under certain circumstances, you may see this message : "Asset(s) not available for given dates..."

But wait a minute, I hear you say, how can that even happen?  Surely BRM should show you that a bike is not available before you actually get to making the reservation?  Well that is partly true, normally when making a reservation we take you via the availability search to ensure all assets are indeed available.  However the error message described above is a kind of 'safety net' that stops you making double bookings, if you do end up trying to make a booking for something that is really not available.  There are 2 ways this can happen:

1. you modify the dates of a reservation.  If you happen to choose dates which are not good for all assets concerned you will see this error.
2. your asset may look free, but its parent is actually full - this is the more complicated scenario and you will only see it if you are taking online bookings or if you are using GBAL and leave reservations un-allocated.
2.1 this may happen during an asset swap
2.2 or this may happen during reservation creation