Reservation SelectionCriteria

The Reservation Selection Criteria (RSC) panel is on the SearchReservations page.  Most of the time you can ignore it.

It sets the default date ranges which apply to some searches.  Normally you don't need to change it, though you might want to adjust:

  • at the beginning / end of each year
  • if you're wanting to run a specific report
  • if you're looking for something historical...

There is a quick way to reset your date ranges
to reset date ranges, set the date to a new year, like 2015, then back to 2016.
By changing year it will go from Jan1st TO Dec 31st, which is quicker than setting each date independently.

When is the Reservation Selection Criteria panel used?

Please note, that not all searches use the RSC.  You can see what data is being used by each search by the brown / gold colourings.  Most of the quick searches on the right don't use the RSC, for example. When the RSC is used it will light up in the Brown / Gold colour.

Here are searches that use the RSC:

  • search by reservation reference / invoice
  • search by client name
  • search by month (current year only)
  • search by group name (advanced search)
  • search by asset (advanced search)
  • search by type (advanced search)
  • searching by report type (advanced search)

Here are searches that don't use the RSC:

  • new reservations - actually you set the number of days using the options.
  • client reservations - currently searches for ALL client reservations (online booking)
  • LIVE reservations - this means reservations that are not in the past.  (with or without LIVE setting)
  • 24hr reservations - reservations out / in / both in the current 24hr window
  • 48hr reservations - reservations starting / ending in 48hrs
  • 7day reservations - reservations starting / ending in current week.
  • search by stage - searches ALL dates
  • search by warning / ok - searches ALL dates
  • mechanic reservations - searches ALL dates