You may have noticed that the Asset List grid within the Reservation Detail Panel can contain a column named 'paid'.  What is this for?

This column is for when you have a group of riders sharing the same reservation - but paying separately.  It is just a way of helping you keep track of who's paid and who has not.

It is not linked to the transactions of your reservation, or the Total Rcvd field.  It is simply a dumb-checkbox for you to turn on and off for each rider.

Possible uses include:

  • you have an event day and are lumping all your riders into one big reservation.  You take your bikes to the event and each rider pays you when they collect the bike.  Tick the box when paid.
  • you have a group booking but each member is paying separately.  When they pay you add an ad-hoc transaction, and check the paid box.

Of course, normally you won't want to see this column, unless you're using it for one of the above scenarios, so you can simply hide it here.