You can customise which columns are displayed - for each reservation type.

For example you may have 2 reservation types:

  1. Tour
  2. Simply Bike

Tour bookings will want to know about all sorts of bike setup stuff like:

  • pedals
  • rider size
  • rider name
  • helmets

whereas Simply Bike bookings only really care about the minimum, as they just want to get out and ride, any requirements they can tell you in person.

To set up the columns for each reservation type, go to your System->settings->Reservation Types  page, click on the edit button for your chosen reservation type:

So, in our example above you would hide most columns for Simply Bike, making it much simpler to look at, both on-screen and as a printed document.

Of course, it is up to you to define your Reservation Types - so that they make sense for your business.

you can also specify if each reservation type starts at Provisional or Confirmed.

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