Adding notes to your reservations

One of the areas where BRM really saves you a lot of time and hassle is in planning for future reservations.  You know what it's like; you have a long trail of emails all relating to one rental.  A bike changes, some requirements, pedals, sizes some travel information, some general chat.  

Unless you have a place to store this information you end up reading and re-reading through loads and loads of emails as the reservation progresses through its lifecycle - this wastes lots of time.

BRM solves this by having 2 places where you can store notes:

  • against the reservation, 
  • and against individual bikes in a reservation.

This is really powerful because each time you have a communication that results in relevant information for the reservation, like "travelling from New York, arriving 2pm" you add it into the Reservation Notes.

Similarly, each time you have some information relevant to a particular bike within that reservation you simply add it next to the actual asset - in that reservation.  e.g. "5.10"  "SPD pedals" "David" "Bringing his own pedals"

This saves you having to search through lots of emails, or worse post it notes. The information is right where you need it, when you need it, against the bikes, but within the context of a reservation.

getting your customers to add their own notes

June 2017

Your customers can now add their own notes when making an online booking:
In stage 3/5 when they look at their basket / cart.