tracking a rental through its lifecycle

Reservations have a lifecycle as shown above.  There is a colour associated with each stage to make it very obvious which stage a reservation is in, when looking at a list of reservations.  You tell BRM when a reservations goes to the next stage.

Which stage do we start at?

BRM uses 'immediacy detection' to know which stage to start your reservation at.  For example there is no point having the provisional / pending stage for immediate bookings. (e.g. walk-in rentals)  It is however useful for future reservations:
  • Future reservations - Provisional / Pending
  • Immediate - Confirmed
(you can also set a reservation type to start at confirmed if you like)

How to progress reservations through their lifecycle

BRM knows when to ask for payment

BRM helps you and your staff ask for the right money at the right time.

If you take a 'provisional' reservation and add a payment it will progress to 'confirmed', likewise if you press 'progress reservation' button on a 'provisional' reservation it will check to see if the minimum deposit has been paid.  If not it will prompt for payment.

Please note that an INVOICE NUMBER is generated automatically for reservations once they reach the confirmed stage - this can't be revoked.

Note also; you can make your reservations start at the 'confirmed' stage if that is appropriate for that type of reservation.