modify dates and times of a reservation

  1. First thing to do is to find your reservation, using the find RESERVATION page.
  2. modify the Dates & Times that you want.
  3. (note that with most things in BRM any changes are automatically saved when you leave the field you've modified). However because dates are special because they affect the calendar of ALL INCLUDED ASSETS, we only do ONE save, when you're finished.
  4. For this reason, you have to manually press the SAVE button that appears after you make a change:

  • Please Note - once you've made the request for change BRM must first verify that all the assets concerned are, indeed, available.  
  • So you need to check the return message after its done and look out for any errors.
  • Please Note - if you're using Generic Booking, it may look like the physical asset is free, but a Generic Asset may have an outstanding booking which makes the extension impossible.
  • it might be a good idea to check the planner view first to see if the dates after your reservation are indeed free (though, again, this won't work for generic bookings)