How to extend a reservation

If you have a reservation and the client wishes to extend, how do you quickly ascertain if that is possible?

The first thing to do is to have a quick look at the planner, from within the reservation.

retrieve the reservation, on the find RESERVATION page.

choose the admin->showPlanner menu option:

this will show you the assets that are reserved in this reservation, in planner mode.  That is to say, each asset, and for each date of the reservation, you can re-size this popup window.

right-click to see the menu, select "longer" and it will extend the period shown by 1 day. If its free then you'll be able to extend the reservation

Please Note -  the 'longer button is currently not working' 10/5/17

To actually extend the rental you need to do the following:

  1. extend the 'To' Date and press save.  This will update the calendar (assuming items are available),  and also update the price of the reservation.
  2. Then take payment for the extension - use the 'addTransaction' button
  3. consider adding a reservation note to describe the extension.