Managing your rental tickets

The reason BRM / RSM is so powerful is that it actually helps you actively manage your rentals all the way through from planning & scheduling to the service delivery element and beyond (what we call fulfilment).

But of course there are many things you need to manage about a rental.

Don't worry you don't need to master all this at once - just know that the system can handle it!

Natural lifecycle
reservations will normally progress through a pre-defined path (lifecycle); provisional, confirmed, checked out, checked in.   Along the way certain things will normally happen;

  adding customer information

  adding equipment setup information & notes

adding extras 

  adding payments as they occur

  waivers / disclaimers

  tracking it though its lifecycle changes

  handling security deposits

  handling deliveries

Dealing with change

We always say that there is one certainty in the rental business;   happens!   Customers are late, don't turn up at all, break stuff, lose stuff, steal stuff!  Pretending that doesn't happen would be ridiculous which is why its built right into the solution.

  swapping bikes (or adding / removing)

  extending rentals (or changing dates)

  changing prices

  early returns

  bikes getting broken / lost / stolen

  cancelling a reservation

  inventory changing - broken, stolen, sold etc