Finding existing rental tickets

Finding reservations within BRM is extremely quick and easy.  There are are two main ways to do this, within the Search Reservations page:

  • find by reference - for when you have specific info to search for
  • find by status - for example by a time-range.  We have 'quick buttons' for easy searching by pre-defined ranges...

There are two modes of search, simple and advanced.

this image shows simple mode, to see more options select advanced.

Find By Reference

Find by reference when you know something specific that you're looking for, like client name, reservation reference or invoice number.  It will also use the time-based criteria in the "Reservation Selection Criteria" panel.  Normally you won't need to alter this, as you might always be interested in the current year.  However towards the end of the year you will want to start making reservations for next year, in which case you might want to alter the year, or even perhaps select a sub-range within the same year.

Please note that the fields used in your search are highlighted in the brown / gold colour.


You can search using a shortcode e.g.

jun33  will find Jun0033-16

Just type "jun1" and hit enter!

Or just type "1" and hit enter and it will automatically look up reservation Aug0001-16 in the current month.

Find By Status

Find by status is for when you are not looking for specific reservations, but those reservations which have a specific attribute, normally time-based.  For example "show all reservations, going out or coming back, within the next 24hours".

24hr mode is key

This is really useful and how most shops operate.  It basically means 'what's happening today?'  In or out.  (reservations to be returned or to be collected)

 Or show me all the "new" reservations - and you define what 'new' is, for example in the last 1 day, or 2 days.   This type of search doesn't use the "Reservation Selection Criteria" panel.


You can fine tune your search options.  For example in 24hr mode you can choose if you want:

  • only bikes OUT
  • only bikes IN
  • BOTH