creating rental tickets

One of the most powerful features of BRM is that all of your reservations end up in the same place no matter what channel they came in from (phone, email, walk-in or online).  No matter if they are same-day or future reservations.

Creating rental tickets in the back-office is very easy:

follow your progress bar at the top.  You really only need to fill in:

  1. What (which category - or an individual item)
  2. When (either use quick duration buttons, or use the drop-downs below for more precision)
  3. Who (who is doing the renting - Please Note -  this information can equally come in from Lightspeed, or self-registration)
  4. items selected.  Which specific bikes / items for the chosen duration

Then just hit the 'book now' button

you will see your prices calculated automatically as you select product(s) for your given duration.

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but my screen doesn't look like this: