Sometimes you might have pressed the progress Reservation button by mistake, and want to back up a step.

Whilst there is no 'undo' button in BRM, you can restore a reservation to any stage in the following way.

Please Note - this is not something you should normally have to do, so it is deliberately hidden away in the menus.

  1. Find the reservation you're interested in, in the normal way.
  2. When you've opened your reservation, you're going to want to find the admin menu.  Then select 'Change Stage' :
  3. This will bring up a 'modify reservation' dialog, and you'll need to find the dates and times section:
  4. Here you will see a Stage dropdown.  Simply set the desired stage and press the OK button.

However, please beware, there are certain actions you can't do easily e.g. the following:
CheckedIn->CheckedOut - because when you check in a reservation it checks in all bikes concerned, so they can be used again
Cancelled->CheckedOut etc - because again cancelling a reservation frees the bikes in the calendar. In fact it completely removes the calendar entries for those bikes.
So Please make sure you use rebook dates if you do any of the above to make sure each bike's calendar is updated:

Please Note -  you cannot change a reservation to PROVISIONAL once its been confirmed, as this is irreversible - it assigns an INVOICE number on going to confirmed.