Sometimes you type in a client name e.g. "Rogers" and press search, and to your surprise it just doesn't find your reservation. Even though you know there is a reservation with a client named "Rogers".

Or perhaps you type in a reservation reference e.g. "Mar0001-14" and press search and doesn't find your reservation.

Possible solution

The Reservation Selection panel - on the top left of the findRESERVATIONS page - also uses the Reservation Selection Criteria Panel, (the next panel down) when searching.

For example: Imagine I type in "Rogers" and hit search.

Imagine the date in my Reservation Selection Criteria Panel is set to "2014, 01/01/2014, 31/12/2014"

In this case, it will only return any reservations for client name "Rogers" FOR THAT YEAR.

So sometimes when you can't find what you're looking for check the date-range.

Please Note

 It does you give some feedback to show you what criteria are being used when searching. The criteria being used are 'lit up' in a sort of gold / brown colour, as shown below: 

In this example I hit search by Month, so only year lit up, meaning May in 2019.

If, for example, you press the 24hr button you will note that the Date Range doesn't light up as of course we're always looking for activity within 24hrs.