you're aiming to setup your own version of something like this:

(bearing in mind you can change all colors, images, words, inventory etc)

Get the new fully customisable BRM online booking wizard ready for your online reservations. You will learn how to:

This is just a checklist...

(you may already have many of this in place for your existing shop or if you are using the old OBW)

1. Notifications & Terms etc.

1.1Send automated booking confirmations.  Do you care about provisional or not?

1.2 change your online terms and conditions

2. Payments & Pricing etc

2.1 Change / add your prices

2.2  Taking payments or card vault setup (via Stripe)

3. Organising & presenting your Inventory

3.1 Adding images and pictures and optionally suggested sizes and notes for your bikes

3.2Re-order your categories

3.3Re-order your Product Lines

3.4 Modifying / customising text on your online booking wizard

3.5 Changing banner, colour and font

3.6 Change/add suggested sizing for your bikes

3.7 Adding notes to your bikes


3.8.1 Adding images and description for your extras

3.8.2 Extras matrix to choose which extras go with which bike

4. Other setup

4.1 Set your shop opening times

5. And finally

5.1 Do a test booking!!  and process a payment...

 Taking each step in turn;

1. Notifications & Terms etc.

1.1 Send automated booking confirmations

You can automate your booking confirmations to be sent out to save you time. You can find the instructions how to customize them here.

1.2 Add your Terms & Conditions

You will want to make sure that your customers will sign your terms and conditions, this is how you add YOUR T&C’s in.


2. Payments & Pricing etc

2.1  Change/add you prices

You will in most cases want BRM to automatically price your reservations. With our price groups you can easily manage even multiple prices. You can price your rentals hourly, daily, weekly or monthly. Here are instructions to manage your prices for your fleet.

If you have one off price for extras, not based on duration. You can simply enter the prices in here:

2.2 Taking Payments

When you setup your online booking you will want your customers to secure their online booking by leaving credit card information (i.e. guarantee that they are actually going to show up).

You need to use Stripe as your payment platform for the new online booking wizard.

You can read about your 3 options in this article.

This is where you set the payment provider up for online reservations

And you can find full instructions for payment integrations in here

3. Organising & presenting your Inventory

3.1 Add images and pictures

You can add your own pictures and images for your individual bikes, category images and extras. They are all described in detail in this article. And here you can find what dimension are needed for images of individual bikes.

3.2 Re-order your categories

You can choose in which order to display your categories in the online tool:

3.3 Re-order your product lines

You can also set the order of your product lines within categories

3.4 Modifying / customising the text.

Modify wizard text

You can modify any text in your online wizard to make it sound just like your business. Just use the “Edit Online Booking” link at the bottom of your Fleet Management page and remember to press “Enter” to save your text.

3.5 Changing banner, colours & fonts

Change banner image, colours and font

You can replace the banner image with your own at the top of your booking wizard. And match the online booking with your own brand and website by customising the main colour and font style. Here are the instructions for customising the online wizard.

3.6 Changing / adding suggested sizings for your bikes

To add suggested sizing will help your customers to choose right size bike for them and will also order them correctly in the online booking wizard. Here are instructions for modifying sizing.


3.7 Adding Notes for your items

  • You are able to add description for each of your models. Here you will find how to add them.

3.8 Handling extras

3.8.1 setting up extras

You can either choose a general picture or use your own images for extras and add description for online tool. For example Flat pedals, SPD road pedals etc. You can find the instructions here.

3.8.2. extra applicability

You can also choose which extras you offer with each bike, for example SPD road pedals only with your Road Bikes

4. Other setup

4.1      Set your shop opening times.

You should have your online booking available all year around to take advance reservations from your customers. However if your shop is not open all year around this is where you can set your opening times up to reflect in the online tool, so customers can only choose the rental dates for when you are open.

Shop opening hours are also specified here and customers can only choose a pick-up time when you are open.

Here are full instructions how to set them up.

5. And Finally

5.1.  Do a test booking.  

Pretend you're a customer.  Go to your online booking, make a booking, pay for it.  Make sure all works well. (then refund yourself via Stripe)

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